9 Fast Food Hacks You Never Knew About!

Hello everyone, welcome to BuzzLushes In today’s article, I decided to talk about 9 Fast Food Hacks You Never Knew About :

  • A Decadent Add-In.
  • Dollar Menu & Kid’s Meal.
  • The Real Egg?
  • Reduce The Sogginess.
  • Customize your Smoothie.
  • Grill It Up.
  • Up Your Chipotle.
  • Free Panda!
  • Starbucks Birthday Freebies.

9. A Decadent Add-In

Calling all you coffee lovers out there McCafe at McDonald’s is a great pick me up to help you start your day. And if you love chocolate, there’s an excellent way to make your coffee taste heavenly and better than before, Mocha style coffee is a chocolate lover’s dream.

So, next time you order one at the drive thru, remember this tip. Ask to swap out the syrup inside your drink for fudge instead. Once you take a sip, you’ll be spoiled and the regular mocha will never taste the same. The smoother, creamier taste and texture will have you singing all the way to work. It might cost you a bit extra, but it’s well worth it for that savory taste; and, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t roll in the hay sooner.

8. Dollar Menu & Kid’s Meal

Take Full Advantage of the Dollar Menu and Kid’s Meal. A combo meal at any fast food restaurant is an easy $7 bucks off your wallet. But if you don’t have a huge appetite, and are searching for something cheaper, then why not order off the kid’s menu?

Not only it is under $5, but at places like Chipotle or Burger King, it also comes with a drink, french fries or a healthier alternative like fruit if you don’t want anything fried And, if you’re looking for something around a buck, then the dollar menu is the way to go.

It’s hard to argue with the dollar menu when you can grab a burger and a soft drink for only $3. This way, you can double up on your favorite foods, mix and match for a little variety, throw in a value menu dessert and still for the same price as a combo meal? And remember, skip the soda and ask for a water cup to save even more.

7. The Real Egg?

Egg-A-Round Looking to grab some breakfast at McDonald’s before heading to work or school? Well, did you know that they actually use three different types of eggs in their breakfast foods?

Some eggs come from a carton like fresh eggs we buy in the store. Some are the folded-over scrambled egg looking thing that’s been frozen and heated again. While some are liquid egg whites, without any yolks. You might be able to taste the difference if you frequent the chain.

If you want the real deal next time around, whether you select bacon, cheese, egg or egg and cheese, or sausage whatever, make sure you order the egg that goes on a McMuffin sandwich. They call it the round egg. This might seem like a strange request, but that’s the egg that’ll be fresh, cooked on the spot, and doesn’t come from a box. So, if you’re not asking for the round egg swap, your breakfast may not be cracked up to what it’s supposed to be.

6. Reduce The Sogginess

Chick-Fil-A is one of the best places to grab some good tasting chicken. But have you ever bitten into your sandwich only for it to be soggy, hot mess? Often, it’s the pickle juice that drenches the day.

The next time you place your order, ask for no pickles, or have them put it on the side. You can pat the pickles dry to remove some juice. Then just put the pickles back into the sandwich right before you dig in. This way, you’ll still get that tasty pickled flavor you love, without the soggy mess.

5. Customize your Smoothie

For hot sunny days when the weather is making you sweat, a smoothie is an excellent way to cool off. Jamba Juice has a variety of smoothies along with different fruits, vegetables, shots, and proteins to put in them. If you wish pineapple, without the coconut flavor added in on a smoothie, you’ll request it without it, or substitute it, free of charge.

Many customers are afraid of asking because some places have a no substitution policy and it might cost extra. However, Jamba Juice has a rule that employees have to substitute any ingredient if a customer requests it. So, if you would like nonfat yogurt or a Mango smoothie without the fruit juice , then just invite it.

4. Grill It Up

McCheese, Please Don’t like eating at McDonald’s, but you know it’s a fast food fix and cheaper than eating out at an actual restaurant? If you’re in the mood for anything deep fried or oily, you can’t still order a filling sandwich instead of a boring salad. Next time you’re at Mickey D’s, ask for a grilled cheese. It might surprise you, because even though it’s not on the menu, the staff is willing to make it.

All they have to do is take two buns until they’re nice and toasted, and melt some cheese on top of it. It’s much easier than making a regular burger, and it’s a good option for even the pickiest eaters. And, if they don’t like cheese, then you’re on your own.

3. Up Your Chipotle

Chipotle is a gift to quick food enthusiasts looking for healthier options. Not only are their burritos and bowls chock full of protein and carbs to fill you up, but there’s a way to get more food without breaking your wallet. Even though their burritos are already huge, you can get more by ordering a bowl.

Then ask for a tortilla on the side, free of charge. You can also request extra rice on the side, and extra condiments, too. And ask for both kinds of beans. You can even ask for two kinds of meats, And don’t forget the grilled veggies. Those are no extra charge, either. The only things that aren’t free are the guac and extra meat.

You’ll end up with a big bowl of food, and you can make your own burrito with the tortilla, as well. The container should even contain enough food to make a burrito for later, without spending an additional eight bucks. Just remember to avoid using the words extra or double when you order, or the employees might charge you. Overall, you’re getting about one and a half times the normal amount of food.

2. Free Panda!

Usually when you pay for your food and the employee hands you the receipt, they might ask you to fill out the survey at the bottom for a free appetizer or drink. While most of us might just toss those receipts in the trash, you might want to think again. On the back of the receipt, it asks you to fill out the survey, and afterward you’ll get a code to fill out.

Once you go to Panda Express, show them the receipt with the completed survey, and you’ll get a free complimentary appetizer. Then you’ll get another receipt with…you guessed it, another survey. Just fill it out again for another free appetizer! It’s quick and straightforward to do, and who can say no to free food?

1. Starbucks Birthday Freebies

Celebrate your birthday with a free Starbucks drink. Who doesn’t love Starbucks?! With a Starbucks coffee shop on almost every street corner, most of us have a Starbucks card in our wallet or purse handy. As part of the rewards program, you earn a free birthday treat that you can redeem using the Starbucks app. A few days before your birthday, you’ll get an email reminding to get your birthday freebie treat.

Just have the barista scan the app and your reward. You need to be a member for at least thirty days before your birthday to be eligible. But the best part of your free birthday treat is that you can select any size drink or food free of charge. The only items not included in this redemption are the bars, loaves and Starbucks evening choices.

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