22 EASY Tips to LOSE Belly Fat NOW!

22- Ghrelin Gremlin

Ghrelin Gremlin 
22 EASY Tips to LOSE Belly Fat NOW!

Ghrelin is a powerful hunger hormone that is produced in our guts. It’s like a little gremlin that stimulates appetite, causing mad cravings. Several studies reveal that long term lack of sleep, among other things, sends ghrelin levels soaring. As a result, you consume more calories, which adds to your waistline. At least seven hours of sleep nightly is recommended, so you don’t feed (or water) your ghrelin gremlin.

21- Classy Carbs

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Avoid classy carbs, otherwise known as refined carbohydrates, They are low in proteins, fiber, and other essential nutrients. Limit cereal, pizza, white rice, pasta and breads. Eating these foods sends a sudden rush of sugar into your bloodstream, which makes your body release more insulin, and you guessed it, that process leads to craving even more carbs. To reduce belly fat, reduce refined carbs from your diet.

20- Salmon Says

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Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids, known to reduce fat mass. Omega-3 helps you lose weight by increasing metabolism. You lose more calories as your metabolic rate increases. So, include salmon in your diet. Some studies have found that omega-3 helps to burn fat faster during exercise, too. Omega-3 fatty acids also act as a natural appetite suppressant, which makes you feel full for longer, and reduces the tendency to overeat.


19- Get Moving

Binge watching Netflix for hours is appealing, I know. But, if your goal is to lose belly fat, then small lifestyle changes are in order. Take a quick walk, jump in place, or just march around your house to get things moving. Numerous studies suggest that a mere thirty minutes of daily aerobic exercise burns pesky calories, and keeps cardiovascular diseases at bay.

18- Photo Journal

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Try taking a picture of yourself in the mirror, so you can have before, during and after pics that prove your progress. Set a goal where you’ll take a before and after picture of yourself. There is a subreddit on Reddit called r/progresspics where you can scroll through people’s before and after pictures, and even think about posting yours someday. This can be a useful tool, especially on those weeks where you don’t feel you’ve made progress.

17- Break it Up

It’s simple to incorporate exercise when, it’s broken up throughout the day. Putting a solid effort into just 10-20 minutes of cardio and weight bearing moves, working up a little sweat, is very effective. A few quality minutes, once or twice a day, is enough to get the belt notches moving in the right direction.


16- Strength Training

Let’s get strong. Cardio workouts may help at first.But soon your body adjusts its metabolism, slows calorie-burn, and hits the first dreaded plateau, Don’t fret. The next best way to reduce belly fat is with strength training. Even moderate weight-bearing exercise, using light weights or your own body weight, will do the trick. Interval exercise, weight lifting, squats and deadlifts are ideal exercises to get rid of a chubby tummy.

15- Avoid Alcohol

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Most alcoholic beverages contain sugar and calories. Alcohol turns into fat in your liver, which then distributes the fat through the blood. That fat plunks itself down right in your belly and other areas. Research has proven an association between beer consumption and abdominal obesity; and also revealed that alcohol intake can increase appetite.

Healthy beverages such as green tea, water with lemon, and fresh fruit juices are good options if you wish to lose belly fat.

14- Multi-Task

Incorporate simple exercises into your daily routine. For example, do various leg kicks, squeeze in some squats, or simply march in place while pumping your biceps. All while waiting for dinner to cook, during a break, waiting at a bus stop; or while brushing your teeth; and especially during commercials (if you aren’t streaming everything you watch).


13- Cookies & Cakes

Okay, so we know that added sugar can cause weight gain, But cake and cookies also contain refined flour. Adding insult to injury, these sweets are often rich in trans-fat, which increase the level of LDL and triglycerides; and lowers the level of HDL. Cake and cookies will not only add unwanted weight to your belly, but they’ve also been linked to various diseases such as breast cancer, heart attack, and diabetes.

12- Buff Buddy

Having a support team of fitness experts is extremely helpful in losing unwanted belly fat. People often think that only diet and exercise are enough to lose weight, But the fact is that connecting with a fitness support group can all but ensure that you stay committed and strong throughout your journey. Having fitness experts, or just fit friends that support you, may be the ticket to keeping your fitness goals.


11- Emotional Health

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Did you know that emotional and mental health plays a huge role in weight loss?
Recent studies are suggesting that psychological and physical self-control are linked. Emotional health is important, in general, of course. But, is also important when pursuing long-lasting weight loss and general health.

10- Spice it Up

Spices add a zippy kick to food, but they can also help to lose belly fat. Spicy spices such as cayenne and chili peppers contain capsaicin, a component which kicks metabolism into high gear. Other well known belly-fat-burning properties are found in turmeric, cinnamon, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, ginger, and fenugreek seeds.

9- Liquid Flab

Ditching soda, processed juices, sweetened coffee, and other sugar-filled drinks is one of the best ways to keep the belly fat at bay. They contain empty calories, which don’t fill you up, leading to drinking even more liquid flab. High-fructose corn syrup in those drinks also could overload your liver, which turns the fructose into fat, and accumulates on your belly.

8- Partner Up

Try working out with a friend, or buddy up with someone at the gym. You may get tired or bored at the gym by yourself and call it quits too early. But by having a partner at the gym, you’ll be more motivated to stick to a routine. Moreover, you’ll both have more fun while talking and socializing. You can support and motivate them on their journey, which will keep you feeling great about your personal efforts, as well.

7- Fresh Fruit

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Fruits are a plentiful source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Eating fibrous fruits help people feel fuller for longer periods, helping to reduce calorie intake, The fiber also helps with cardiovascular health. It suppresses your appetite naturally.

The fiber in fruit basically tells your brain that it doesn’t need any more food for a while, which can keep you from overeating. Blueberries and citrus fruits are particularly beneficial for losing belly fat.

6- Chicken Choices

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If salmon isn’t your thing, add chicken white meat to your diet. Skinless chicken breast, the leaner meat, is low in fat and calories, Skinless chicken breast also has a healthy amount of protein, which will help you stay feeling full. Chicken breast also contains vitamin B6, which aids in zinc absorption, which happens to be a fat burning nutrient.

5- Online Support

Being part of a support group that connects online it a great way to track your progress. These online resources are great tools, where people can share in their weight loss journey. The more people you have following your weight loss journey, the more inclined you’ll be to stick to your weight loss goals.

4- Eating Well

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Food Choices Sadly, favorites like pizza and pasta are belly fat makers. Donuts are dubbed “fat pills.” Healthier foods that are low in fat and simple carbs, and are better choices if you’d like a flatter tummy. Infuse several servings of fruits, veggies and lean protein in your diet.

Research continues to prove that avoiding junk food, laten with trans-fats will not only reduce belly fat, but also improve your overall health.

3- Emotional Eating

Belly fat is just one bi-product of emotional eating. Studies show that during times of emotional distress, people often turn to food for comfort. Fatty, high-calorie foods are often dubbed, “comfort foods.” Many people overeat these foods, especially in the face of strong emotions. Eating, in general, also helps provide a distraction from emotional events you’re trying to avoid.

If possible, find other ways to control your stress. Do deep breathing, yoga, phone a friend. Try doing anything else besides eating when feeling emotional or overwhelmed. Losing belly fat will be just one of the many benefits of taking control of emotional eating.

2- Employee Programs

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See if your employer offers any weight loss incentives. Some employers have programs at work to help incentivize you to lose weight. Your employer may also offer some kind of discount at a local gym, and discounts on health insurance too, Or your boss might allow you to promote a little friendly competition between you and your coworkers.

The competition for losing weight, or body fat percentages, can motivate you to make better health decisions across the board, which will lead to a smaller belly and big health rewards.

1- Food-Mood Connection

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The “food-mood connection” describes how food can directly affect mental health. Eating extra refined carbohydrates like those found in white bread, pizza or pasta can cause blood sugar spikes that can exacerbate symptoms of anxiety, depressed moods, and distress.

Multiple studies show that the neurotoxins caused by high sugar intake actually affect the functions of your nervous system. Anything that disrupts nervous system function can trigger anxiety, and anxiety can cause spikes in blood pressure.

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