You’ll Never Throw Away Lemon Peels

Lemons may not keep the doctor away, but they have tons of other uses that you may not have known about. They add a bright and fresh taste to foods, but have lots of other uses, both in and out of the kitchen. Lemons and their peels are extremely versatile, so before you throw away the scraps after squeezing out the juice, keep the following uses in mind so you’re not wasting those powerhouse peels.

10- Make an All-Purpose Cleaner.

Try this before your next big cleaning. You can make a great all-purpose cleaner from lemon peels, so start saving them now. You can use it to cut through grease, disinfect surfaces, and make everything smell divine. And it’s all natural. No chemicals. Just combine lemon peels with their all-purpose sidekick, white vinegar, in a mason jar.

Cover, then set it and forget it for two weeks. Drain out the peels and fill a spray bottle halfway with the liquid. Fill the other half with water, shake it like a salt shaker, and you’ve got a multi-purpose cleaning solution for all your household needs.

9- Clean Off Underarm Stains.

If you’re plagued by underarm stains on your shirts due to excessive sweating, take half a lemon that’s already been juiced and rub the rind on the stain like there’s no tomorrow. For particularly stubborn stains, you can add some baking soda for some extra power. Let it soak overnight, then wash as normal. You can even use this for grease stains.

8- Make Your Coffee Pot and Mugs Look Like New.

Stop paying for coffee de-scalers. If you save your lemon peels, you already have one, Free and au natural, at that. Lemon peels can remove coffee, tea, and other beverage stains. To clean your coffee pot, fill it up with water and drop in some lemon peels.

When you turn on the heat, the peels break down and release an acid that will melt away the stains like butter. Let it sit on the burner for a little bit, then pour it out later. You can do the same with your kettle and mugs to keep everything clean and sparkly.

7- Refresh Your Cutting Board.

Cross-contamination is serious, That’s why it’s important to keep the surfaces of your kitchen clean. This is especially true for cutting boards, particularly wooden ones. You should be sanitizing them regularly. You guessed it, Lemon to the rescue. Sprinkle some hard grain salt on the cutting board and take a squeezed half lemon. Leave some of the pulp intact for even better results. Then, rub forcefully, Rinse and let it dry.

6- Clean Your Microwave and Stovetop.

Warm lemon peels can be used to clean the surfaces of your microwave and stovetop. Just take some lemon halves that have already been juiced and microwave them for approximately 20 seconds. Be careful not to burn yourself when you take them out. Then, rub them onto the surfaces of your microwave and stovetop and wipe off with a wet dish cloth. Brand, sparkling new.

5- Remove Odors from Hands.

If you cook a lot with garlic or onions, no matter how long and hard you scrub-a-dub-dub with soap and water, your hands still smell. Fortunately, even pungent odors are no match for the mighty lemon peel. Take some lemon rinds and rub your hands together. Don’t forget your fingers and under your nails. Rinse off and you’ve got lemony fresh hands.

4- Freeze Lemon Peels for Recipes.

Have you ever had a recipe call for lemon zest and you have to buy a whole lemon for it?

That can be just as wasteful as if you don’t have an immediate use for the rest of the lemon. Instead, start saving your rinds and freeze them. Put them in a Ziploc bag and store flat so that you can easily break off a frozen chunk when you need it. Let it thaw before using. You can use it in your recipes, smoothies, and desserts for a bold, lemony kick.

3- Get Rid of Dandruff.

If you’ve got a dry scalp and dandruff, lemon peels are here to save you from those embarrassing flakes falling on your black outfits. Take a lemon peel and rub it on your scalp, focusing on your problem areas, and repeat for a few days or so. It may take a little while to resolve, but no more flaky scalp for you.

2- Make A Sugar Scrub.

This sugar scrubby concoction may sound like the beginnings of a lemonade recipe, but instead of water, we’re using olive oil. Mix half a cup of sugar, finely chopped lemon peels, and olive oil to create a paste-like consistency. In the shower, rub the mixture all over your body. Then, rinse off and enjoy your velvety smooth skin.

1- Get Rid of Pests.

Ants, roaches, and fleas, If your home is constantly being invaded, try this out. The scent of lemon repels these pesky pests. Use this to your advantage by placing some lemon peels where they congregate or enter your home. You could spray lemon juice, but this makes for an even better alternative because it won’t damage the paint on your walls.

Versatility is lemon’s middle name. As you can see, there are various ways that they can be used in your kitchen, throughout your home, and even on your body. They’re delicious and nutritious in dishes and drinks alike. Beyond that, they’re a natural, all-around powerhouse with endless uses. Start with these ideas and you’ll surely be inspired to search for other ways to put lemon peels to work.

Do you know of any other surprising uses for lemon peels? Share them with us in the comments so we can all be zesty, Thanks for reading. If you thought this article offered some useful information, share it with your friends.

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