Top 5 Vitamins To Reverse Hypothyroidism

Top 5 Vitamins To Reverse Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition where your thyroid gland isn’t making or releasing enough hormones (Underactive). This can slow down your metabolism, trigger weight gain, make you feel cold often, and you may start to lose your hair. So, In this article we will be exploring 5 vitamins that can be used to help repair your thyroid gland and restore the normal hormone balance (T4, T3, Calcitonin).

#5. Selenium (200mcg)

Top 5 Vitamins To Reverse Hypothyroidism
1. Selenium (200mcg)

You can take a supplement of 200mcg of selenomethionine or selenocysteine once per day to improve the health of your thyroid gland. Selenium is one of the most important trace minerals needed to convert the inactive thyroid hormone (T3) into the active version(T4). Taking a supplement can help to speed up the conversion process for people who have a slow thyroid (hypo).

Studies show that taking selenium can also reduce thyroid antibodies (TPOAb & TgAb), to prevent your immune system from attacking the thyroid and causing further problems. Women in particular tend to suffer from hypothyroidism, especially after pregnancy which may be caused by a hormonal imbalance of too high/low estrogen. Selenium can help to balance out these hormones by improving the health of the liver, and boosting antioxidants in the body (glutathione).

#4. Bile Salts

Top 5 Vitamins To Reverse Hypothyroidism
Bile Salts

Many people aren’t aware that 80% of thyroid hormones are actually converted inside the liver, not the thyroid gland itself. So just taking thyroid medication often does not fix the root cause of the problem, which can be a problem in the liver/gallbladder. For example you may have a gallbladder stones, fatty liver, or a build-up of toxins such as mercury in your body which is causing inflammation and blocking the conversion of thyroid hormones.

To improve the health of your liver you may consider taking bile salts in the form of a supplement (2 capsules before each meal.) This helps to thin out the liquid bile in your liver, to help activate the conversion of T4 to T3, Help to remove toxins from your body like mercury, other heavy metals and harmful chemicals from food that may be irritating your thyroid.

#3. Vitamin C (Complex)

Top 5 Vitamins To Reverse Hypothyroidism
3. Vitamin C (Complex)

90% of thyroid cases are caused by Hashimoto’s, where your body is attacking itself, because your immune system is overly active. This often happens because the lining of your gut has become damaged (leaky gut) from eating grains, and flour like bread, pizza, popcorn, cereal, biscuits, cakes, pasta etc… A protein called gluten found in these grains damages the intestines causing holes to open up (Intestinal permeability), which allow toxins to leak into the blood. Your immune system does not recognise these proteins, so it starts attacking them throughout your body triggering inflammation and health problems. The tissues in your thyroid has a similar protein structure to gluten, so your body starts to attack the thyroid, thinking that it is a foreign invader like a virus or a pathogen.

The real Vitamin C complex contains bioflavonoids which help to heal the lining of your gut, and boost collagen in your body. If you’re looking for a boost you can take 1000mg of Vitamin C in the form of acerola cherry capsules daily or any fruit powdered blend. However, don’t expect over the counter ‘Vitamin C’ supplements to work if they just contain ‘ascorbic acid’ on the ingredients list. This is only 5% of the true complex, and you need the whole Vitamin C in its entirety to help heal the gut. Some of the richest foods with the REAL Vitamin C complex include cabbage, sauerkraut, strawberries, bell peppers and cruciferous vegetables.

#2. Iodine & Zinc (Trace Minerals)

Iodine & Zinc

Trace minerals are essential nutrients that we need in very tiny amounts but help other enzymes in your body to perform thousands of chemical reactions. Selenium helps to remove free radicals that are created when your body makes thyroid hormones, in order to lower inflammation and help with conversion. Zinc is another mineral that plays a key role in helping the thyroid synthesize new hormones. Iodine is one of the raw materials that makes T3 and T4, the thyroid hormones.

To get more of these into your diet, simply start eating seafoods like sea kelp, nori, kombu, Irish moss, mussels, clams, crab meat and oily fish 2-3x per week. You can also take liquid trace mineral drops (20 Drops Daily) in a glass of water and take sea kelp capsules to boost the amount of trace minerals in your body. These also contribute to hair, healthy skin, nails and eyes as they support the thyroid in controlling cell growth, division and collagen production.

#1. Vitamin D3 (& K2)

Vitamin D3 (& K2)

Consider taking 10,000iu of Vitamin D3 per day, along with 100mcg Vitamin K2 (Mk7). to help balance hormones and lower inflammation in your thyroid gland. Vitamin D helps to modulate and control your immune system to prevent it from attacking your thyroid by mistake. Studies show that people who have a hypothyroid are also often deficient in Vitamin D, because they do not get enough sunshine, or their body isn’t making enough.

Higher doses of Vitamin D3 is often prescribed by functional doctors to treat autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s. As a bonus, Vitamin D also improves the function of the liver in balancing out hormones and detoxifying harmful substances from your body (that may be triggering inflammation in the thyroid).

Speak to your doctor about using some of these natural remedies before you make any changes to your diet or medication.