Titanic (1997) Cast: Then and Now (24 Years After)

Today you’ll see how actors of the film “Titanic” have changed. You‘ll know their original names and age. I’ll show you what they looked like then, in 1997, and what’s wrong with them now, in 2021.

Leonardo DiCaprio :

Leonardo DiCaprio is a complex and daring actor who started his career with episodes in advertising, and now has achieved global respect for his diverse roles. In the Titanic, he played Jack Dawson, young artist and Rose’s lover. The movie brought him worldwide fame.

Katie Bates :

Katie Bates received an Oscar and a numerous of other prestigious awards for her contribution to cinema, and Stephen King noted her as his favorite. She’s considered the “queen of the scream”. In the movie “Titanic” she played the socialite Molly Brown.

Danny Nucci :

Danny Nucci started his career in 1984. He became famous precisely for his role in the film “Titanic”, where he played Fabrizio Dawson’s best friend. Danny is considered a good actor, who has also been invited to appear in a number of successful blockbusters.

Billy Zane :

Billy Zane has already taken part in 175 projects to date, one of which is Cal Hockley in the movie Titanic have brought him fame. For his craft he received the Blockbuster Entertainment, B-Movie Award and Best of the Year, and was nominated 4 times.

Jason Barry :

Jason Barry rose to fame by starring in Titanic as Tommy Ryan, a 3rd class passenger who became friends with Fabrizio and Dawson. He`s got many awards for his performance in the film Still Life. Most of all he starred in films of the crime and drama genre. Ewan Stewart’s career began with the TV show All Quiet on the Western Front. Most of his fame came to him in 1997 after his role as 1st Officer Murdoch in the film Titanic. And in 2005 he became one of the contenders for the role of James Bond for the series 007.

Jonathan Hyde :

Jonathan Hyde’s acting career includes over 60 roles in TV series and films. There are many successful works among them: Anaconda, The Mummy, Richie Rich etc. Received an award for Best Supporting Actor. He also starred in Titanic as businessman Bruce Ismay.

Johnny Phillips :

Johnny Phillips main popularity came from his role as 2nd Officer Lightoller in Titanic. He is also remembered for his cameo appearance on the TV series Mid-Day Murders. He was nominated for the short Grand Prix for his performance in the film Voodoo.

Frances Fisher :

Frances Fisher is a Kidscreen Award winner, has received 4 nominations and has participated in over 140 projects. The pictures “Unforgiven” and “Titanic” (the role of Ruth Bukater – the mother of Rose and the widow of Dewitt Bukater) brought her worldwide fame.

David Warner :

David Warner has gained popularity by playing romantic and villainous roles not only in films, but also on television, video games and animation. One of these roles was in the film Titanic (valet Spicer Lovejoy) and for which he was nominated for Best Movie Role.

Victor Garber :

Acting skill of Victor Garber knows no bounds, and his acting is distinguished by naturalness and lightness. He has played many roles, both in film and theater, for which he received many awards. He also played Thomas Andrews, a shipbuilder in the movie Titanic.

Bernard Hill :

Bernard Hill became famous for his role as Yoser Hughes in Boys of Black Things. He is the only actor to have performed iconic roles in the 11 Oscar-winning films (The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and Titanic, where he played Captain Smith).

Ioan Gruffad :

Ioan Gruffad’s role as Fifth Officer Lowe in Titanic made him famous among the public. But the television series “Hornblower” brought him great popularity, for which he received the Golden FIPA award. He was also nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Fantastic Four.

Edward Fletcher :

Edward Fletcher starred in 9 projects, but brought him a significant breakthrough in the film industry blockbuster “Titanic”, namely the role of 6th Officer Moody. A break of 6 years to find a new self did not bring results and he returned to acting again.

Suzie Amis :

Suzie Amis made her debut in Fandango, but received special success for her role in The Ballad of Little Joe. During her career, she managed to star in 19 films, one of which was Titanic.There she played Lizzy Calvert, Rose’s grand daughter.

Bernard Fox :

During his career Bernard Fox having participated in over 114 projects, one of which is “Titanic”(the role of Col. Archibald Gracie).The actor was distinguished by character and charm. His last notable work was the film “The Mummy” where he played Winston.

Gloria Stewart :

Gloria Stewart has acted in films, on stage and appeared on television. But she is known more for films, namely “The Invisible Man” and Titanic, where she appearedin the form of Old Rose. It was this role that made her the oldest person to be nominated for an Oscar.

Greg Ellis :

Greg Ellis received appreciation for his participation in the films “Pirates of the Caribbean” asGroves, and also played Carpathia Steward in Titanic. In addition to acting, he is engaged in voiceover. Was nominated 3 times and awarded three times.

Richard Graham :

Richard Graham became famous for his participation in Cassandra’s Dream, Bounty and Titanic, where he played the role of Quartermaster Rowe. In total, there are over 70 projects in which Graham played and these are not only films, but also series with short films.

Paul Brightwell :

One of Paul Brightwell’s memorable works was the role of Quartermaster Hichens in the 1997 blockbuster “Titanic”. He played in many film projects, plays, and also took part in television shows. Hall’s role in Commander has become his longest-recurring role.

Eric Breden :

Eric Breden began his career with the roles of the Nazis, but later he became a star ofsoap operas. One of which “Young and Restless” earned him fame and an Emmy. He also starred in the Rat Patrol and played the role of millionaire John Astor in Titanic.

Martin Jarvis :

Martin Jarvis began his career with appearances on television and films. In particular, he was remembered in “Titanic” for the role of Sir Duff Gordon.In addition, he works in theater, as well as in recording and radio, where he also achieved considerable fame.

Bill Paxton :

Bill Paxton made his film debut in the movie “Crazy Mom”, but he became recognizable after his participation in the films “Thunderbirds”, “Aliens”, Titanic (the role of the scientistBrock Lovett), etc. He was repeatedly awarded prizes and awards, including Emmy.

Ron Donachi :

Ron Donachi became famous for his supporting roles in the television series Game of Thrones and Doctor Who. He also starred in the blockbuster Titanic as Master at Arms. Over the course of his acting career, he has played in more than 130 films and TV series.

Michael Ensim :

Michael Ensim became known to the public for the film Titanic (1997) in the guise of Benjamin Guggenheim. In general, along with acting in cinema and theater, he took part in over 170 works. He also received the Gold Bone Award for Best Ensemble Cast.

Rosalind Ayres :

Rosalind Ayres began her career in the 70s. She was especially remembered by the viewer as Lady Duff Gordon in Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster Titanic, as well as in the films Gods and Monsters and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Illusions. Awarded a nomination for the BTVA award.

Alex Owens-Sarno :

Although Alex Owens-Sarno did not appear on the screens often (she played only 10 films), she managed to be remembered by the public thanks to the role of Cora Cartmell in theblockbuster Titanic. And also a role in the motion picture “Background Music”.

Kate Winslett :

Kate Winslett brought world fame to the release of the film “Titanic”, where she played RoseDewitt. Subsequently, Kate starred in many films, received 91 awards and was awarded 163 nominations. She became the first to be nominated for an Oscar 6 times.

Jeanette Goldstein :

Jeanette Goldstein became famous after playing a role in “Aliens”. For filming in an action movie, she was awarded the Saturn Prize. Jeanette also played the role of Irish Mommy in Titanic, and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her work in Almost Darkness.

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