Times When Parents Didn’t Know Whether to Laugh or Cry

On average, children ask 74 questions a day. Unfortunately, there are no statistics on how many times a child makes their parents slap each other in the face per day, but if we had to guess, we’d say it’s a lot!

And it’s not just the questions. Every once in a while they do something that conflicts with you and you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. At BuzzLushes, we believe these images below perfectly illustrate that feeling.

#11Online Shopaholic

Kids these days are getting pretty adept at tinkering with mobile gadgets. So parents, make sure to disable those e-commerce apps before handing your phones to your little buggers, if you don’t wanna get a credit card bill shock.

Take for example six-year-old Katelyn from Utah, who logged in the Amazon account of her mom and ordered $400 worth of toys! Mom Catherine was only supposed to gift her one Barbie doll, but when the sneaky Katelyn went to quote-unquote “check the delivery status of her doll online,” the first-grader proceeded to check out more stuff. Instead of returning the items, Katelyn’s parents turned it into a teachable moment and decided to donate the rest of their daughter’s haul to charity.

#10Locked Out

In this age of modern technology, it’s every techie’s single worst nightmare… getting locked out of their gadgets, And when you have kids tinkering with your digital toys, you better have a back-up plan, or else Take for instance journalist Evan Osnos , whose 3-year-old son didn’t care that his dad is an esteemed writer for The New Yorker who probably has a dozen of deadlines to meet.

Imagine getting your iPad disabled for almost five decades, But he’s hardly the only victim of the digital age child lock. This iPod owner has to wait 23,664,590 minutes ‘til he can unlock his gadget. That’s roughly 45 years. I guess this is what happens when kids are left to their own devices?

#9Royal Flush

So, What happens when you don’t potty train your kids?

They might just mistake the toilet bowl for a bathtub. Just like this little girl who only wanted to do a number two, but ended up looking like a kid on an extremely tight rollercoaster ride. Well, here’s to hoping the person before her didn’t forget to flush just right before the kid entered bacteria-town.

#8Down the Shredder

It’s a clever idea to teach kids how to run office supplies at a young age, like say, shredding unimportant documents and junk mail. But what do you expect when you teach a 2-year-old to shred stuff… when they can’t even read yet in the first place? This proved to be a costly mistake for a Utah couple when they placed $1,060 in an envelope which they saved up for their football tickets.

Unfortunately, their son Leo got his hands on the envelope which he thought to be junk mail and therefore needs to go to the shredder. Well, at least they already have homemade confetti for when they watch their favorite team win… on TV!

#7Modern Art

Van Gogh

It’s never too early to expose your kids to contemporary art. And museums and exhibitions are a wonderful way to teach them how to appreciate some of the greatest masters of art, like Van Gogh, But camera filters sure has a way of ruining a classic masterpiece for a young kid, doesn’t it.

#6Shopping Scare

It’s easy to see why a lot of parents don’t take their kids to the store. For one, there’s always the danger of them breaking expensive stuff that you’d need to pay for. And you really can’t trust them to keep their light fingers to themselves. So naturally, you need to keep your eyes peeled on them at all times, lest they end up like this kid who was let loose at a Lowe’s store and thought he was inside an enormous playground.

How the kid managed to climb up the high shelves is anybody’s guess. But if I were his dad, I’ll let him rappel his way down that rack on his own to see who’s really the tough one. That ought to teach him a lesson.

#5Art Attack!

See the look on these kids’ faces?
It’s that guilty look after getting caught red-handed or in this case, green-handed—spilling neon green paint all over a leather couch, Shrek would be so proud.

Now this Jackson Pollock in-the-making just wanted to help his folks paint their new kitchen white. So he picked up his paintbrush of choice to do the task—a handy dandy mop.

#4A Concrete Plan

To be fair, even adults might find it hard to distinguish between wet and dry cement, But it’s still hella annoying when kids ruin a perfectly paved floor that took hours to finish.

This 2-year-old kid named Izzadora was looking for her parents in their basement one day, unaware that the floor of the said basement had just finished being covered in concrete. Luckily, the workers found her standing in the middle of the fresh concrete before it has completely firmed up, or else she would’ve ended up there frozen like the characters on her shirt.

#3Mother’s Day Note

If Hallmark has an opening for a witty copywriter for their Mother’s Day cards, this kid might just fit the bill. When saying, I love you, mom is so cliché, you can take a page out of little Joshua’s playbook of how to give your mother a serious reality check. Mom, I just wanted to tell you that Mother’s Day wouldn’t be possible without me. I’ll be waiting for my present in the living room. At a young age, Joshua sure seems like he already has a PhD in Reverse Psychology!

#2Midnight Bandit

Most of us are too familiar with this scene! I mean, we’ve all done this when we were younger –– Mom and Dad already tucked us in bed, but suddenly, in the middle of the night, we get that strong craving for some junk food and late-night TV.

Just look at the wide-eyed expression of this kid when his father caught him red-handed at 3AM! What proper kid does some Netflix and chilling at such an ungodly hour? Only adult couples do that.

#1Silly Sleepyheads

When a toddler gets tired, best believe there’s nothing that can come between them and sleep time. Just when you think Legos are such painful toys to step into, here’s a kid who might just have Luke Cage’s unbreakable skin. Just look at this photo of a snoozing angel that looks like a professional creative shot… until you zoom and out and learn she just turned a Costco container into an improvised bed.

But this 2-year-old is definitely the reigning queen of forty winks. She literally drew a pillow on the pavement and slept on it. Thank God no one mistook  her for a homeless orphan! 

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