Sleeping : Top 5 Health Benefits of Sleeping

Who doesn’t like a good night’s sleep unfortunately, sleep is one of the most  overlooked parts of people’s daily routine. Especially when work is such a high priority, both sleep quality and duration have decreased ove time making people more stressed out than ever before. What many people fail to recognize is that a good night’s sleep helps you stay fresh and vibrant during the day. Keep reading this article until  the end to know all the tips and health benefits  of sleeping.

5. A Good Sleep Keeps your Heart Healthy.

Did you know that a good night’s sleep  and healthy heart go hand in hand? When you sleep peacefully your blood pressure decreases and causes your heart to relax thus helping you prevent from developing some conditions associated with high blood pressure, like heart failure or stroke.

Additionally, there are benefits of sleeping on your right side as it  helps regulate your blood flow and maintains your heart rate and blood pressure. However, if you are pregnant there are actually benefits of sleeping on your left side as it reduces pressure on major veins and avoids decreasing your blood pressure too much.

4. Sleeping Helps Regulate Mental Functions.

 When you’re running low on sleep you’ll probably  find it difficult to recall important bits of information throughout the day. One of the  benefits of good sleep habits is that it helps  regulate your mental function, during sleep your brain processes information from the day  analyzes it by making connections with the event and storing it in the form of a memory to be recalled later on. If your school exams are  near you find it difficult to remember things try adjusting your sleep schedule. So, that you get a good seven  to eight hours of sleep per night  it.

3. Helps You Shed Some Pounds.

Sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain and obesity because of the disturbance of garland and leptin which regulates your appetite, also the right amount of sleep can lead to better metabolism and healthier stomach. So, if you are thinking about starting a new diet routine start by regulating your sleep cycle.

2. Good Sleep  Boosts Your Mood.

When you sleep your body releases  melatonin that helps you sleep peacefully, and may also improve seasonal depression another chemical called serotonin is also released during sleep and a study has found  that deficiency of this chemical due to sleep  deprivation is linked with depression as well.

One cannot deny the benefits of a good sleep it  gives you emotional stability and helps you with social interactions by recognizing expressions of anger, and happiness which are very important social cues. Don’t forget to get seven to eight hours of sleep to keep yourself energetic and fresh the next time you’re planning to meet up with friends.

1. Replenish Your Body’s Energy Supply.

Your body is under continuous stress from  ultraviolet radiation work related stress and other harmful exposures throughout the day, sleeping is a time for you to relax and for your body to replace dead cells by forming more proteins and building cells which promotes bodily repair.

So, here are some tips :

  • Always stick to a sleep schedule and set  aside no more than seven to eight hours.
  • It’s advised to practice healthy sleep hygiene by not viewing any kind of screen or device just before going to bed and by going to your bed only when you want to sleep.
  • If you want to sleep peacefully avoid consuming any nicotine or caffeine at night because it may disturb your sleep cycle.
  • It would be more relaxing if you could create a peaceful environment in your room, and limit daytime naps.

There are many advantages to sleeping, And the bottom line to this is that  good sleep is as important as nutrition or exercise for optimal health.

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