Top 9 Phenomena That Science Couldn’t Explain

Our body experiences all sorts of strange things throughout our life, for example: have you ever heard about a phenomenon known as sleep paralysis, in which you basically can not move or speak, and observe creatures or horrible beings watching you? It sounds scary, does not it?

Many of this phenomena that I am going to show you noware equally frightening and remain a complete mystery to the scientific community. If you want to discover more about this topic… You are very lucky. Because in this article I have prepared for you a compilation with 9 strange phenomena that you will experience someday. Like sleep paralysis! This sounds interesting, right?

 #9 Hysterical Strength.

Hysterical Strength is a strange phenomenon in which a person is able to lift objectsthat weigh tons without any problem. Like a car, for example. The little we know about this phenomenon is that it is only activated in situations where your life or that of someone close to you is in imminent danger. Although there are few cases documented throughout history, it is one of the strangest phenomena that humans experience.

I’ll mention a couple of examples in case you do not believe me… In 2006, a 41-year-old Canadian mother named Lydia Angiyou saved the lives of 3 children from the attack of a giant polar bear.

The hysterical strength of this woman was activated allowing her to wrestle with the bearto drive him away, something that under normal conditions would have been impossible . Can you imagine that? But that is not the only case, In 2016, a 19-year-old girl named Charlotte Heffelmire saved the life of her dad who had been trapped under a Pick Up. Charlotte’s hysterical strength was activated from one second to the next allowing her to pick up the Pick Up to release to her father. These are only 2 examples of some cases of hysterical strength that have not been explained to date.

The most accepted theory says that this force over humanis possible thanks to the increase of adrenaline in our body, but to date that theory has not been proven. The interesting thing about this matter is that some experts think that humans are able to access this super strength whenever and wherever we want, even when we do not face situations of life or death,the only problem is that we just have not figured out how to do it. Currently, hysterical strength is one of the most incredible phenomena that a human can experience.

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