9 Dogs That Are Nightmares To Wild Animals

Dogs our best buddies have been at our side for many thousands of years since humans domesticated them from wolves, this means that dogs are generally a little more easy going than their wild wolf ancestors. But well they might be friendly with us, it doesn’t mean that dogs aren’t sometimes still a threat to wild animals, Not all dogs were created equal of course.

So, we’ve compiled a list of those dog breeds that will have the squirrels in a sweat. from the south american beefcake to the dog that can take on a wolf. Here’s 9 dogs that are nightmares to wild animals.

9- Pitbull

9 Dogs That Are Nightmares To Wild Animals


Despite the fact that the american pitbull terrier and the american staffordshire terrier are both based on british breeds, they are not the same as a standard terrier they are on the other hand considerably different from the dogs of their forefathers in a variety of ways pitbulls are among the most misunderstood canines in the world.

When people hear about attacks by any dog that resembles a pit bull, they automatically assume it as a dangerous beast. But bad people are drawn to this breed more than any other because of their amazing speed and strength as well as their history of fighting which makes them an attractive target for illegal dogfight operators.

The fighting pitbull would be subjected to unlawful and extremely severe torture starvation, and physical beatings by unscrupulous dog trainers in an attempt to instill a psychopathic mentality into the canine. This method is sometimes successful as it is with any creature including humans.

As a result while it is not in the nature of the dog to be unfriendly, it is in the character of some humans to harass animals and provoke them into becoming violent. Aside from that when properly trained, this is a great dog who will make a fantastic addition to your family as a pet.

8- Doberman Dog

9 Dogs That Are Nightmares To Wild Animals

doberman dog 2022

The doberman pinscher which was named after the man who first bred the dogs in germany in 1890s, is a more specialized dog than some of the other breeds on this list with its own set of characteristics. These incredibly loyal alert and intelligent dogs are also extremely athletic, and it is essentially this last characteristic that allows them to perform their principal duty in police departments all over the world, including those in the united states.

In spite of the fact that they are frequently used as sniffer dogs, the doberman is extremely effective at tracking down fleeing offenders and biting their arms until they are brought to the ground. It was intended that their visibly muscular build and dark coat would be menacing to potential trespassers when they were first trained to be guard dogs.

As a result, while early dobermans were known for their reckless aggression and vicious temperaments, they have been selectively bred to have calmer temperaments in recent years making them far more suitable as companion animals than they were when they were almost exclusively employed as guard dogs or working dogs.

It was during world war ii that they were adopted as the official dog of the united states marine corps, and they have since grown to become the world’s 12th most popular dog having appeared in a number of films and television programs.

7- Rottweilers

9 Dogs That Are Nightmares To Wild Animals

rottweilers dog 2022

When it comes to strangers, this dog is quite cautious, it is strong athletic and fast it can be taught to be a courier dog scout dog or patrol dog, This adaptable military dog breed is widely used in armies worldwide. This enormous dog is confident ready to work and most importantly devoted because of this rottweilers were a perfect candidate for acting as messenger dogs throughout world war 1 and world war ii.

At a time when communication was substantially more difficult, soldiers had to rely on these magnificent canines strong devotion to their masters to make their way through treacherous and forbidding terrain to transmit information. According to the fci standard, the rottweiler is one of the oldest dog breeds its origins may be traced back to the roman empire, these dogs served as herders and drivers they marched over the alps with the roman army protecting the soldiers and driving their animals.

In a natural crossover these canines met and mixed with the local dogs in the rottweil region. Rottweilers portrayal as vicious or sadistically violent dogs in many fictional films and tv shows most notably the omen as well as sensationalized journalistic reportage has contributed to the breed’s negative image, but in reality they are simply just wonderful dogs.

6- German Shepherd

9 Dogs That Are Nightmares To Wild Animals

german shepherd

This breed, the german shepherd is another which is commonly employed by the military, they are physically incredibly strong agile and simple to train. This dog breed is not as aggressive as some other dog breeds because of its relatively calm character. The ability to keep composure in the face of hardship is crucial in situations where a dog must remain calm. The german shepherd is a loyal and devoted canine companion this makes them particularly well suited for military applications.

This amazing dog is an excellent pick for a variety of reasons: firstly, since they are strong agile and easy to train german shepherds make ideal scout dogs for a variety of tasks. But that’s not all there is to it, most importantly these canines are not too aggressive which allows them to maintain their composure in potentially hazardous situations.

Furthermore, when one of these big dogs is by your side in a battle zone, its loyal and predictable behavior makes for a reliable wingman to have on your side. German shepherds are one of the few breeds that are capable of doing a wide range of tasks. German shepherds are one of the most popular and well-known police slash military canines in the world, having served in both the united states and the united kingdom.

5- English Mastiff

9 Dogs That Are Nightmares To Wild Animals

English Mastiff

The english mastiff is a huge dog breed that originated in england. These dogs may have descended from the ancient alant, and pugnace’s britniere with a considerable contribution from the alpine mastiff in the 19th century according to certain theories.

The mastiff is distinguished by its gigantic size big head short coat and a restricted range of colors and its usual black mask. It is also known for its friendly and loving attitude even if the genealogy of contemporary dogs may be traced back to the early 19th century, the present type was only stabilized in the 1880s and developed since then. Following a period of rapid decline, the mastiff has seen a rise in popularity across the world.

Mastiffs have played an important role in the evolution of several dog breeds throughout history, with some being referred to as mastiff type dogs and others just as mastiffs which is a bit confusing. It is the biggest living canine outweighing the wolf by up to 110 pounds on average making it a true giant these dogs may be descended from the canines that fought lions tigers bears and gladiators in roman arenas.

According to some theories, the pugnace’s brittanier which existed at the time of the roman occupation of britain was undoubtedly a factor in the development of the english mastiff. Gradius was an ancient roman poet who wrote about british dogs praising them as being superior to the ancient greek malices.

4- Caucasian Shepherd Dog

 9 Dogs That Are Nightmares To Wild Animals

caucasian shepherd dog

It has been known since antiquity that caucasian shepherds were perfect dogs to protect dwellings from intruders and livestock from predators like wolves and coyotes and they have been in demand ever since. Caucasian dogs have a wide range of appearances depending on where they were born, this breed has been bred into the genetics of many of today’s international breeds all over the course of history.

The caucasian shepherd dog is thought to be a distant relative of the balkan sheepdogs and the asian mastiffs among other breeds. As a working dog breeds with a long history of guarding livestock and flocks these massive bear-like canines are very similar in appearance, and temperament to the tibetan mastiff the first known mention of a large molester dog which was used by armenian tasarta gran, The second’s army dates back to the 1st century bc.

Although the breed has been around since the 1920s, efforts to improve traits like a physical strength boldness to improve traits like as physical strength boldness hearing in sight endurance, and self-confidence began in the 1920s. They were also able to refine the breed’s tough water resistant coat people may now raise caucasian shepherd dogs in a variety of environments including those with more extreme temperatures as a result of selective breeding efforts.

3- irish wolfhound

9 Dogs That Are Nightmares To Wild Animals

irish wolfhound

The irish wolfhound is a large dog that has long been regarded as a great hunter, the wolfhound on the other hand is capable of more than merely chasing and killing wolves. These dogs like being around people and have a welcoming disposition, they are the gentle giants of the canine world without a doubt.

Standing on their hind legs they may reach heights of up to seven feet the breed traces back to the dark ages. When practically all of europe was plunged in cruelty and turmoil and the immense knowledge of the greeks and romans was forgotten as everyone became embroiled in religious wars, ireland on the other hand was the only place where the darkness was lifted.

And many old ideas were kept alive in secret by monks in ireland’s monasteries. They also knew how to breed the best canines and in the 3rd century one irish ruler cormac macart had an army of 300 wolfhounds that he used to increase his kingdom’s authority and territory. John f kennedy who served as president from 1961 to 1963, was the most popular of the few u.s presidents of irish ancestry, wolff was his favorite pet an irish wolfhound he acquired as a present from irish friends.

2- Alaskan Malamute

9 Dogs That Are Nightmares To Wild Animals

Alaskan Malamute

Another breed with a long history dating back thousands of years five thousand years ago, the early people of north america used alaskan malamutes as pets and work dogs. You may be familiar with alaskan malamute cousins like as the samoid siberian husky and perhaps the labrador. if you decide on one keep in mind that it will need daily activity they are sled dogs after all they don’t bark much, But they are loud when they do and enjoy howling to stretch their vocal cords.

They’re designed to withstand extreme gold and have been previously used on arctic expeditions they helped settlers with bear hunting tracking and watching as well as lugging supplies across cold terrain while towing enormous sleds. They’re credited with among other things, assisting in the colonization and development of alaska by carrying messages and transporting supplies.

During world war 1 450 alaskan malamutes were shipped to france to deliver supplies to french army troops stationed in mountain outposts during the gold rush, these dogs were in high demand as hopeful prospectors used them to haul massive amounts of food and supplies across mountain passes. Alaskan malamutes were also used to sniff for minors carry weapons and perform search and rescue missions during world war ii.

1- Presa Canario

9 Dogs That Are Nightmares To Wild Animals

Presa Canario 2022

Because the presa canario is such an uncommon breed it’s astonishing that, it’s prohibited or blacklisted by insurance companies in over half of the united states. These dogs are native to the canary islands which are located off the coast of spain, they have big muscular bodies and have been employed to defend cattle since at least 1501.

When the breed’s earliest records were produced aside from being cuddle dogs, they were also used for dog fighting on the islands so they’re tough. The franco-led government of spain initiated a crackdown on dogfighting in the 1940s, passing severe laws outlawing it which resulted in a decrease in the number of braces bred.

A single incidence of two prices attacking and killing a person in the united states, sparked a media frenzy over the breed and legislation was rapidly implemented to outlawed. Before it had, ever gained popularity in the united states.

In this instance a teenage lacrosse player was attacked and killed in her own san francisco apartment building by prasa canarios, who were being cared for by a married couple of attorneys whose client was serving three life sentences for being a high-ranking member of the aryan brotherhood.

The female attorney was charged with murder in the case meaning that she allowed the dogs who were unlawfully trained for fighting to attack the victim, hinting that the canines were not to blame but rather the reckless and dangerous persons in control of the dogs.

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