8 Signs You Have A FATTY LIVER

One of the main origins of fatty liver is eating too many omega-6 vegetable oils like, margarine, cottonseed, corn, soy or canola oil because these cause inflammation in the liver cells which prevents the normal digestion of fats. You can also get a fatty liver if you’re eating too many sugary foods, as these are converted into free fatty acids, that can start to clog up the liver. Another cause is drinking alcohol, which triggers certain genes, that tell you liver to store more fat instead of burning it. High fructose corn syrup is quickly converted to fat in the liver, but unfortunately it’s added to over 80% of packaged foods, especially soda drinks, sauces and fast foods to make them taste better. In rarer cases, taking certain drugs medications and even viruses can damage the liver, causing fat to accumulate. Fatty liver disease doesn’t usually shown up on a liver enzyme blood test, and it goes undetected for years until the liver becomes very damaged.

So in today’s article I’m going to share with you the top 8 signs of fatty liver disease to read out for.

#1Right Shoulder Pain.

If you notice that you have pain or tightness in your right shoulder, neck, jaw or beneath the shoulder blade this could be coming from a fatty liver. Your liver makes a liquid called bile, which helps your body to digest fats from your food, like meats or olive oil for example. When your liver is congested with fat, the bile can become thicker and trapped causing the liver & gallbladder to swell up, and become inflamed. This puts pressure on the phrenic nerve that runs up your right side, causing referred pain into the upper right side muscles of your back and neck.

#2Belly Fat

Belly Fat

If you have a large pot shaped belly or lots of fat around your midsection, you also likely have a fatty liver. Fat starts to accumulate in the liver and then when there’s no more room, it starts spreading and becoming visceral and subcutaneous fat around your stomach. Visceral fat is the most dangerous, because it blocks the normal function of your organs, can raise your blood pressure and lead to heart attacks. You don’t have to have a pot shaped belly to have a fatty liver, you can still have visceral fat around your organs and be unaware.

#3Rib Pain (Costochondritis)

Rib Pain (Costochondritis)

If you have pain in the ribs on your right side, this can also be caused by bile sludge that’s built up in your liver or gallbladder. This sludge contains concentrated cholesterol and often forms when you have a fatty liver, or your gallbladder is irritated and the bile has become too thick. This causes irritation/pressure on the cartilage in your ribs and can cause some severe pain. Especially if you sit at a desk all day, these little ‘rib hinges’ can start seizing up, triggering condition called costochondritis.

#4Spider Veins (Angioma)

Spider Veins (Angioma)

People with liver damage also have higher levels of estrogen, because the liver is unable to filter out the excess hormones. Higher estrogen weakens the veins in your body, and can cause small spider veins to
appear on your skin. These usually have a red dot in the center with reddish extensions that reach out from the middle.

#5Man Boobs (Gynecomastia)

Man Boobs (Gynecomastia)

If you’re a man who has a fatty liver, the higher levels of estrogen that build up can cause you to develop female breast tissue. It usually starts as a lump of fatty tissue beneath the nipple, And the nipple may be painful or tender when touched.

#6Swollen Right Foot (Edema)

Swollen Right Foot (Edema)

If your right foot and ankle is swollen more than the left, this is an extremely common sign that you have liver damage. When you press your finger into the swollen area, it may leave an indentation because it’s filled up with fluid (pitting edema). This is caused by poor blood circulation from the liver.

#7Itchy Hands/Feet (cholestatic pruritus)

When the liver becomes fatty it can become blocked/backed up with bile. This bile can start to leach out and accumulate under the skin, which causes histamines to build up in the blood, causing a reaction that makes you itchy on the soles of your feet, Or the palms of your hands.

 #8 Low Thyroid (Hypothyroidism)

Low Thyroid (Hypothyroidism)

If you’ve been diagnosed with a slow thyroid (hypothyroidism) this is often caused by liver damage. Your thyroid hormone called T4, (80%) activated and converted into T3 inside your liver. However, if you have a fatty liver or cirrhosis, this can block this conversion causing a slow thyroid and problems with your metabolism.

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