Top 6 Real Life Giants That Exist Today

Most of the giants you’ve heard about probably lived a really long time ago or in some 1980s fantasy movie like labyrinth, no well that’s too bad in any case whether in an extremely ancient past like the 1980s or even longer ago, most of these giants were fantasy creatures invented by storytellers, but there are real giants among us, they just don’t have horns or long body hair.

In fact they look just like everyone else apart from being incredibly tall which can have some advantages and also some disadvantages from the tragic story of the tallest person in recorded history to china’s giant woman. Here’s 6 real-life giants that exist today :

  • Sultan Kosen.
  • Martin Ford.
  • Janat Ali.
  • Ibrahim Takula.
  • Robert Bobroczkyi.
  • Broc Brown.

 #6 Sultan Kosen

Here is the official tallest person in the world alive today and his name is sultan kosen he was born in 1982 in turkey and according to the guinness book of records he is just a little under eight three dull. His enormous height has been caused by a condition known as acromegaly which in turn is caused by a tumor which affects the behavior of his pituitary gland causing extra growth hormones to be released.

 Most people are born with a kind of limiter which will kick in when the body recognizes that it has done enough growing, but that limiter was switched off for cosen resulting in his incredible size, sultan was born in the city of martin to a Kurdish family and he has become very famous in his homeland, he also has the records for the largest hands and the second largest fate, doctors think he would be even taller but medical problems such as scoliosis have actually contributed to making him shorter.

 #5 Martin Ford

Back to the uk once more to take another look at one of those british giants no it is not british author raul dal’s bfg but a guy named martin ford. Martin is a pretty big guy standing at six eight and weighing in at 320 pounds.

He was born in 1982 in statfortshire and was known as a talented cricket player in his youth but soon martin was moving on to other things soon enough an injury and a dose of granular fever meant that his cricket dreams were laying in tatters. So, he began to concentrate on bodybuilding instead.

Martin has his own philosophy on the nature of things stating think about what you don’t want to become negative reinforcement is a great tool to kick start the bodyinto action, the fear of being a failure is almost like fight or flight. That will either crush or push you, now he lists his three accomplishments which are sponsored athlete fitness model and actor.

He has a special diet and works out almost every day he says that people facing challenges should remember his story of how he overcame granular fever to become a bodybuilder because like him overcoming that challenge may lead you to greatness.

 #4 Janat Ali

Janat ali was born in 1996 and by the time of his death in 2020 he was recognized as the tallest person in all of Bangladesh, Which is pretty impressive considering the fact that there are a lot of people in Bangladesh. 165 million in fact which puts the small country above japan mexico and even Russia.

Ali was born in the village of gorjania to farmer amir hamza and shahampura begum he was the middle child of the family but unlike his siblings he just kept on growing and growing, similar to many others on our list. He suffered from a tumor on his pituitary gland which caused acromegalyc gigantism.

Ali’s family found it hard to keep him fed as he needed over 2 pounds of food every day to stay healthy as his enormous growth spurt continued the bangladeshi president stepped in and bought the family a house So, they could fit their giant sun inside it but, the bad news was that ali’s tumor was progressing and the bangladeshi doctors could not provide any treatment for it. Sadly he passed away while on life support in the neurosurgery department of shidagong medical college hospital.

 #3Ibrahim Takula

Ibrahim takula of morocco is known as the second tallest man in the world and also the owner of the world’s biggest fate, He was born in 1982 which seems like a year that produced a lot of giants for some reason in the town of gelman at 18 years old his school doctor realized that he was getting a little on the large side so sent him for some blood tests.

He had just grown more than three feet in one year and this was soon diagnosed as acromegaly. Ibrahim then made his way to paris to see a french doctor who was able to further the diagnosis as being a tumor. Which was successfully removed in paris furthermore this doctor was able to treat brahim and reduce the amount of growth hormone in his blood so he would finally stop growing.

Aside from his giant size the doctor gave him a clean bill of health now brahim has obtained French nationality and lives in one of paris’s suburbs where he has found work at an amusement park guess what kind of character he’s playing.

  #2 Robert Bobroczkyi

 Robert Bobroczkyi is a star basketball player from Romania he is well known for his skills on court but also for his enormous height of 7 8 robert was born in the town of arad romania in the year 2000 but he is actually the son of hungarian parents and his father was also very tall and a basketball player who stands over seven feet.

While his mother was a volleyball player who measures 6-1 robert was already 6-2 at the age of 8 and in fact was taller than Robert wadlow from age 8 until 13 when wadlow was in that age range this caused some alarm and at first doctors thought it might be due to a problem but it seems he is perfectly healthy and just the product of two very tall parents.

When he made his college basketball debut he weighed only 190 pounds which is pretty slim for a giant after that he starred for the stella azura team in the 2015-15 season. Who are a basketball squad playing in rome italy’s local 3rd division where he has become one of the star attractions his lack of muscle means that he is only able to play for a short time before becoming exhausted and i’m sure most of us know how that feels even if we are not more than seven and a half feet dull.

 #1 Broc Brown

Our final giant for today is broc brown who is known as the world’s tallest teenager at the age of 19 broc is closing in on 7-7 and is not done growing yet, growing at a rate of 6 inches every year there’s every chance he will end up as the world’s tallest living man sooner than later.

Broc’s huge height is caused by cerebral gigantism and he was over six feet tall by the time he started middle school it’s a genetic disorder and there’s nothing that can stop him from growing. I don’t know if he will ever stop said his mother. it’s not easy for broc but doctors say he is likely to enjoy a normal lifespan however he does suffer a lot of back pain and he was also only born with one kidney meaning he is unable to take painkillers to help with the discomfort.

I just wish the doctors could do something to help my pain he said which is pretty sad not only that but his mother has back problems too after picking up her son while he was a toddler which was like picking up a grown man who had fallen down in the dirt or dropped his juice.

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