20 Most Unique Fruits You’ve Never Heard Of

Fruits are something that we’re all supposed to eat, but sometimes don’t for one reason or another, but what might marvel you is that not only are there a bunch of good fruits out there in the world. There are many that you’ve likely never even been introduced to, Ones that have unique shapes colors and even tastes. So, from fruits i’ll barely be able to even pronounce to the purple akiba.

Here are 20 most unique fruits you’ve never heard of.

20. Jabuticaba

20 Most Unique Fruits You've Never Heard Of

First up on the unique fruits list is the jabuticaba and there’s honestly a very simple reason you’ve never heard of it, it’s from brazil now that in and of itself is not exactly a deal breaker per se as places like the united states have trade agreements with brazil and various other countries from south america.

But with this fruit the reason you haven’t heard of it or even likely tasted it is that it’s highly perishable, it isn’t even shipped out of the nations that it’s grown in because as we all know, you don’t really want to buy a fruit that’s going to die within a day or two of purchase in case you forget to eat it.

You’re going to want something that at the very least will last a while, but the jabuticaba that’s just not the case if you’re trying to eat it outside of south america. Thankfully, though we do know some things about it including what it’s supposed to taste like and in this situation it’s grapes which i personally love to be honest.

The jabuticaba is said to not just have a fruity taste, but also a flowery one which makes sense given that the tree this fruit grows from also happens to grow flowers alongside it. So, you won’t be able to go and just get it yourself more than likely but if you’re ever in brazil, look it up, you might just like what you taste.

19. The Purple Akibi Fruit

The Purple Akibi Fruit
20 Most Unique Fruits You've Never Heard Of

Next up we head to japan for a curious fruit known as the purple akibi it’s one that will help you see exactly why the fruit is so strange mainly it looks like it’s already broken into and its core is exposed, but that’s just how it regularly appears. It was first found in the forests alongside the mountain areas of japan and for a long time was used as an indicator that the fall season was approaching due to when it bloomed.

Now, there are several ironic things about this fruit that should be noted and not the least of which is while it is a fruit it’s not exactly a particularly good one on, its own you see that’s because japan has known about the fruit for a while but they don’t market it, because it has a rather bland flavor.

And to be honest, we have enough bland things in our life. So, why add another? add to that the purple akibi has a rough life while in storage, so it’s not that practical in a lot of ways, But then a twist came along specifically someone went and cultivated the fruit in such a way that it became a popular exotic item.

So much so that the newly remade purple akibi is a popular item for tourists and those who want a rare fruit. It gives an interesting twist to the phrase one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

18. Buddha’s Hand

Buddha's Hand

20 Most Unique Fruits You've Never Heard Of

If you were to go and look at the buddha’s hand, you might think that this is either a very messed up fruit or one that’s from an alien world because it definitely doesn’t have that typical fruit look, and your right to have suspicions about it on a certain level.

This is what’s known as a fingered citron a kind of citrus fruit that diverges from other citrus products for multiple reasons not the least of which is that this is a fruit that only has a rind in it, meaning that there’s no seeds no pulp and no juice.

So, it’s not your typical kind of fruit according to those who know the fruit it originated in india and then would be brought to china by buddhist monks which is not really uncommon when you think about it. Over time, the buddha’s hand got a very positive reputation and not just because of its very fragrant smell. But in the fact that it became a symbol but what kind of symbol could a fruit really be well one of happiness and longevity.

So much so that the symbols used as an offering during the new lunar year to try and grow the happiness and longevity of the people. And here’s a fun fact before the fruit can be sold, it has to be cleaned and the shape makes that hard to do So it can actually take about 30 minutes to clean just one of them.

17. Durian

20 Most Unique Fruits You've Never Heard Of

If there were two of these fruits next to each other, would it be durian durian? never mind, while we may have made a joke the people of southeast asia believe that this fruit is no joke at all, because they refer to durian as the king of fruits.

So, kneel before it you peasants but seriously though what makes it the king among fruits well that would be the nutrients that are within. All fruits have some kind of positive nutrients that are good for your body, that’s why they’re healthy foods most of the time.

But in the case of your body and the durian, it has more nutritional content than pretty much all other fruits out there that we currently know of the catch though well first of all while it may be kingly in its state and its taste, it does have a very prickly exterior which you could argue most kings have.

Not to mention the smell of the fruit you can add your own joke to that one, it’s said to be rather strong. So, it’s not going to exactly appeal to everyone on visuals alone. However, the taste apparently makes up for it, just as important as the size of the fruit as it can get to be about a foot in length and six inches wide.

So, it might just be the king after all and you can decide after you taste it.

16. Cherimoya

Cherimoya fruit, Cherimoya

20 Most Unique Fruits You've Never Heard Of

Cherimoya is another unique fruit that you’ll likely not have heard of but one look at it and you’re not likely to forget, due to its skin and shape it’s known as the custard apple to many in south america, which honestly doesn’t sound too bad in principle.

It’s also a very special kind of fruit that’s grown in high altitudes, but its nickname is much more appropriate than you may realize because unlike more basic fruits where you just take a bite out of them after. they’re peeled you will truly go and eat this fruit like it’s a thing of custard.

As for what it tastes like it does have a fruity feel to it including being likened to pineapples or bananas, which is absolutely scrumptious sounding. The other good thing about the cherimoya is that it’s one that is high in nutrients and other things, for example, it’s full of antioxidants and that can apparently make your mood better which we all need, it can also potentially help with the health of your eyeballs and more.

We know what you’re thinking this fruit’s too good to be true well you’d be correct, because it turns out that if you go and eat too much of it, some of its benefits might go and crash your nervous system. So, as with all things ladies and gentlemen moderation.

15. Mangosteen

Next up, we have the mangosteen which might appeal to certain people who have a specific taste, because it’s known to be both sweet and sour. Not unlike certain other fruits that i’ve shown you this fruit originates from the southeast of asia but then it went and got distributed all over the world in terms of its looks.


20 Most Unique Fruits You've Never Heard Of

This is where the fruit gets really unique because as you can see the mangosteen has a deep purple hue that makes it look like certain other fruit on the market, but when you open it up, it’s got a really special white interior. this is called the inner flesh.

The bad news is that while this fruit may be grown all over the world, it’s still a pretty obscure one and thus not something you will be able to just get in any old supermarket. However, if you do you really should try it because it’s full of things like nutrients fiber and unique antioxidants all of which can be helpful for your body.

14. Rambutan

Now, i talk about the rambutan because this fruit definitely has potential for those who are wanting to try it in terms of where you can find it it’s known to be in countries like thailand malaysia indonesia and the philippines along with australia which just goes to show just where it’s popular in the world in terms of location.

Rambutan fruit, Rambutan

20 Most Unique Fruits You've Never Heard Of

And as you’ve no doubt noticed the rabiuten are a fruit that don’t exactly look the nicest in fact they’re kind of hairy and look like creatures that may dwell in the sea, but they’re actually fruit ironically the rambutan is honestly a word for harry. So, at least the fruit admits what it is right off the bat.

However, not unlike the stories of old that have been told once you get past the hairy layer you’re going to find a rather sweet treat. In fact it’s a two-for-one deal because the insides not only have a section of white fruit to enjoy but an edible seed for you to snack on as well, Diversification is always appreciated.

What’s more if you do find one of these in the wild and they’re actually ripe, they’ll usually be red and sometimes yellow, then you’ll be able to eat them after you peel them with no cooking required they apparently taste like strawberries and they’re really nice to smell.

13. Mamon Chillo

The mamon chillo are also known as spanish limes, so now you have a good sign of what lies ahead for you in this entry. Not unlike any other fruit the mamacillo are one that’s grown in clusters and are known to be in groups of 12 or more hanging from trees.


20 Most Unique Fruits You've Never Heard Of

But the interesting part when they’re harvested they don’t take the clusters they take the whole branch that the clusters are on and then they sell the fruit as the cluster, part of this is that the fruits themselves are only about three to four centimeters wide. So, they’re not too big but they are almost perfectly round giving them the ability to really cluster together.

Moving on to what the fruit is like, it’s honestly multi-layered, for example, the pulp is said to be gelatinous which, and the fruit part itself actually goes and clings to a set of two seeds within. You do need to make sure that you get your mamon chilo fresh for the simple reason that if you don’t it’s gonna be really super sour, but if you do get it right, I mean ripe you’ll have a sweet treat that’s very much like limes.

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