18 Japanese School Rules You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Schools all over the world follow specific rules, but japanese schools are unique in this regard, it may be cleaning the classrooms or thorough dress inspections and physical growth of the students japanese schools are known for adherence to singular rules and peculiarities that differentiate these from the rest of the world.

Here are 18 Japanese school rules you won’t believe actually exist.

 #18 Why japanese school uniform for girls consists of a very short skirt

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In japan, it’s traditional for school students to wear a uniform this is likely to be something about which you’re already aware in western culture, we’re often under the impression that there is a specific short skirt and bobby sock style which has been really creepily sexualized by some representations.

Although, there are certainly some uniforms which have a short skirt as one of the items, this is not necessarily a mandated clothing requirement by the schools in question like in almost all other places of the world. Fashion plays a major part in the way that young people dress.

It’s obvious right just because we have a warped and judgmental idea of japanese culture mostly based on some very specific media depictions, doesn’t mean that the uniforms of this style are actually a requirement. So, uniforms are worn in many schools in middle schools and secondary schools students often wear traditional uniforms these tend to be the sailor suit kind or the gakuran for boys which is based on army uniforms.

Then there are the more modern style where the short skirts are more likely to be seen, but girls in some places will actually just as likely choose a long skirt as a fashion statement as well the connection with very short skirts in japanese school uniforms is mostly adopted from several different manga characters who wear uniforms, and the association of these characters with japanese culture through stuff like comic-con and other cosplay events.

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