12 Health Benefits of Eating Raisins


Looks can be deceptive, though raisins might seem shriveled and haggard; did you know they are a storehouse of nutrients?

They are full of energy and rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals like iron, potassium, and calcium; therefore, one can rely on raisins to build physical and mental strength. While eating raw resins has several health advantages, soaking them in water overnight and then eating them makes them much better for you. Raisins’ nutritional value increases after being soaked. Also, it helps your body to absorb nutrients much more quickly.

So, are you ready to explore some amazing benefits of eating soaked raisins? Let’s go:

12. Helps in weight loss

Raisins have natural sugar and can help you control your sweet cravings. Soaked raisins help regulate blood sugar levels while providing no additional calories, so they ultimately contribute to weight loss. According to a study in the journal Food and Nutrition Research, consuming raisins lowers the risk of obesity and improves nutrient intake. However, don’t go overboard and consume them in moderation. Eating more than recommended quantity gives your body excess calories, leading to weight gain.

11. Good for bone health

We are all aware of how important bone health is. You must take good care of them because they are the backbone of your body. According to a study in the journal Nutrients, raisins are high in calcium, which supports bone health and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Another major nutrient crucial for the development of healthy bones is boron, and raisins are an excellent source of it. Therefore, consuming raisins, especially soaked ones, enhances nutritional absorption and improves bone density.

10. Promotes Heart health

According to research, raisins can lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, Hence reducing your risk of developing heart disease. Raisins’ dietary fiber helps to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, which eases the load on your heart. Also, raisins are a rich source of potassium. Studies have shown a connection between low potassium levels and high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Our bodies require more potassium if our sodium intake is high, which is usually the case for many people. Raisins are a fantastic way to guarantee you are receiving adequate potassium.

9. Cure anemia

Recently, anemia has become much more common, especially in females. Anemia often does not show many symptoms, but it can be life-threatening. An animal study published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International found that raisins consumption for 12 weeks boosts the level of red blood cells in anemic rats. Soaked raisins are full of iron, so they help produce red blood cells and prevent anemia. Additionally, It is rich in copper, which allows the body to absorb more iron and make more red blood cells.

8. Detoxifies Liver

Alcohol and coke are harmful to your liver. You must include soaked raisins in your regular diet if you indulge in even one of them. A study published in the Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences indicates that raisins help restore the structure and function of the liver. Both soaked raisins and the water they are soaked in are healthy for the liver due to their high bioflavonoid content. They remove harmful toxins from the blood and detox your liver and Hence, keep it healthy.

7. Aids digestion

Raisins contain a lot of soluble fiber. As a consequence, when you soak them in water, they function as natural laxatives. Thus, eating soaked raisins helps ease constipation and regulate bowel movements. This will result in an improved digestive system. Tartaric acid is also present in raisins. According to research, tartaric acid can reduce inflammation, improve intestinal function, and balance the microorganisms in your gut. Additionally, it might reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

6. Protects Skin

Eating soaked raisins every day can give you clear, healthy, and youthful skin. Antioxidants present in raisins help with skin rejuvenation. It protects against skin damage and is an excellent ingredient for treating fine lines and wrinkles. It also purifies the blood, which helps to clear acne. Raisins also contain resveratrol. It detoxifies the blood and helps in the production of red blood cells. This provides your skin with a beautiful glow, making it free of any blemishes or spots.

5. Eye care

If you are trying to get rid of your glasses but having trouble and care about your beautiful eyes, then you should start eating soaked raisins. Polyphenols, an antioxidant found in raisins, protect the cells in the eyes from oxidative damage. This reduces the risk of eye disorders like cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. In addition to their high antioxidant content, raisins contain vitamin A and beta carotene, both of which are crucial for the eyes.

4. Benefits your mental health

Raisins are a great source of boron, a trace element that improves memory, attention, and hand-eye coordination, so they are wonderful for your brain. Additionally, they are full of antioxidants, which fight off dangerous free radicals, lessen inflammation, and protect brain tissue. According to an animal study in the journal: Preventive Nutrition and Food Science, raisins significantly increase blood levels of antioxidants and improve cognitive function in aging rats.

3. Good for oral health

The antibacterial properties of raisins help maintain the oral hygiene of the mouth. According to a study published in the journal: Contemporary Clinical Dentistry, eating raisins helps prevent cavities. Researchers have discovered five phytochemicals in raisins, including oleanolic acids. It inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes dental caries. Raisins will also aid in the elimination of bad breath. It has a strong antibacterial effect and eliminates bacteria and microbes that cause bad breath.

2. Prevents hair thinning

How many of us are tired of our hair falling out or premature greying? Many of us, right?
One of the best treatments for these problems is raisins. Say “NO” to hair loss with raisins and put an end to hair thinning. Iron, an essential component of our body, is abundant in these little but powerful fruits. Iron’s role in maintaining the health of our circulatory system cannot be ignored. And a healthy circulatory system is necessary for maintaining blood flow to the scalp, stimulating the hair follicles, and stopping hair fall.

1. Provide energy

Exercise is an important factor in any weight loss plan; However, beginners can get tired too quickly, which results in ineffective results. Consuming raisins as a pre-workout snack is one approach to deal with this exhaustion. A study in the Journal of Nutrition and Health found that since raisins contain natural fructose and glucose, they provide your body with a lot of energy. Soaking them in the water further enhances their nutritional value, and they are quickly converted into energy needed for exercise. Therefore, raisins indirectly aid in weight loss by supplying much-needed endurance and stamina.

So, are you ready to add soaked raisins to your diet?
The ideal time to consume them is early in the morning, on an empty stomach. You can soak them overnight for 5 or 6 hours and have them first thing in the morning. Furthermore, don’t throw away the water left behind as it is super nourishing. To reap the health benefits, either consume it as it is or add a few drops of lemon juice to enhance the taste and benefits.