10 Horrific Jobs That Pay Big Bucks

10- Professional Cuddler

 Professional Cuddler Job

Some people are actually getting paid to snuggle with their clients. But when you think about it, other self-care services like massage therapy and mani-pedi are also about pampering yourself. So, why should cuddling be any different?

Touch has been proven to be a legitimate form of therapy, and customers must agree to a strictly platonic relationship with their cuddler. But even though cuddlers are technically not licensed, they are made to read up on a cuddle Bible called the “Cuddle Sutra” to learn more about the different snuggling variations and positions, and there’s even an annual Cuddle Convention too.

Prior to the session, the client and cuddler already form a bond over the phone and agree to hold each other in a safe space. An hour’s session can set you back about $80 which isn’t a lot if you consider its therapeutic benefits. Keep reading because our number one pick smells a little fishy, but we’ll let you decide if it’s something up your alley.

9- Golf Ball Diver

Golf Ball Diver

If you’re a finance bro who spends his weekends playing golf, you probably don’t even bother with what happens to all those golf balls that end up in the pond. But for some people, those wayward balls actually pay the bills. Professional golf ball divers recover an average of 3-4,000 balls each dive, and with each ball fetching at least $1 when sold back to golf courses or taken to a recycling facility, they can easily take home about 50 to 100 grand a year. But aside from the zero visibility and treading on so much mud and algae, these golf ball divers face a more sinister workplace hazard… alligators.


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