10 Strange And Mysterious Islands In The World

Welcome to a new article. Our world is full of unusual places that very few people know. That’s why in todays’ article, I decided to create for you a compilation with 10 of the strangest islands on our planet. From the accursed island in which all its owners have lost their lives under strange circumstances… To the toxic island where you should never set foot for your own good.

10- Gaiola Island

Off the coast of Posillipo, in Naples, Italy, is an island with a rather dark past. It is said that throughout history, all its owners have fallen into ruin or have died under strange circumstances. At present, the island of Gaiola is considered one of the most disturbing places on our planet. The first records of strange deaths on this island date back to the 1920s, when a Swiss professor named Hans Braun was found wrapped in a blanket, with a bullet shot in his head.

The culprit of that crime could never be found, And to make matters worse, only a few days later, the professor’s wife died drowned after falling to the sea from the top of the island. Since then, the island passed through different owners and all suffered bitter destinies. By mentioning a few, one of them ended up in a psychiatric clinic where he took his own life after falling into bankruptcy.

Another suffered the death of several members of his family in a few years. And another kidnapped his son and had to pay a ransom for 17 million dollars. Can you imagine that Although some say that these deaths and misfortunes are a mere coincidence, for others, all those tragedies are a clear sign that this site is cursed. Currently, the Gaiola island has earned the reputation of being an island where very strange things happen. So I advise you never visit it.

9- Phuket and Phi Phi

The Island That Has Superpowers Phuket and Phi Phi are two islands in Thailand, home to an ancient tribe with a superpower never before seen in other humans… They can see underwater with total clarity and hold their breath as very few can. This ability has made this area and its inhabitants studied by experts in the scientific community for decades. The tribe of the Moken, as they call themselves these people, settled in this area for 3 thousand or 4 thousand years from China.

Their dialect is unlike any other in the world, and they live in complete solitude. But what stands out the most is their incredible ability to adapt their vision to the bottom of the sea. Thanks to recent research it has been discovered that they are the only humans able to focus and blur their vision in the depths with a facility never before seen. This reflection is not natural for humans, and has only been seen in marine animals such as seals and dolphins.

Although there are few records about their history, it is known that members of the tribe learn to swim since they are babies, even before they take their first steps. And it is believed that this close contact with the sea since they are children, has made them develop this unique ability in the world. See underwater! Since the tribe was discovered by a researcher several years ago, the islands of Phuket and Phi Phi are considered the most curious islands that exist on our planet.

8- Bouvet Island

The Most Secluded Island in the World Bouvet Island is an island with a very interesting peculiarity. It is the farthest island in the world. There is nothing nearby for miles around! In case you’re wondering… Bouvet Island is located in the South Atlantic, about 1,600 kilometers north of Antarctica, and 2,500 kilometers southwest of the Cape of Good Hope. Right in this part of the map.

In 1,600 kilometers around there is no firm land or any other island as you are already seeing. It is precisely because of its coordinates that Bouvet Island has become one of the rarest known. History says that the island was discovered for the first time thanks to a French explorer surnamed Bouvet, in the year 1739. After several disputes over its territory, it is said that in 1927, the country of Norway claimed it as their territory, and it is theirs since then.

Believe it or not, in this remote place a weather station has been built that works thanks to the work of six people. Crazy, right? A rather curious fact about the island says that throughout history, less than 100 people have set a foot here. And that’s why Bouvet Island is one of the most curious and strange islands in the world.

7- Runit Island

The Toxic Island That You Should Never Visit On our planet there are several islands where very strange things have happened. If you want to see a article where I talk more about this topic… Here you have a link that will surely interest you. I mention the terrifying islands because Runit Island is one of them.

The story tells that in the year 1977, a certain country that I can not mention ended with some tests that you can imagine. You know, those tests that illuminate the sky and boom… I think you know what I’m talking about! It is said that upon finishing these tests, these people began to decontaminate the area. His wonderful idea was that, to leave everything clean, they would throw all the radioactive waste into a large hole 9 meters deep by 110 wide. Since then, more than 85,000 cubic meters of radioactive waste are inside, covered only by that concrete cover.

Although the engineers tried to seal this thing as best they could, some recent reports claim that the dome is breaking. And that is a big problem because there is a real danger that all its contents will go directly to the ocean, which would end the lives of thousands of fish and contaminate nearby waters for the next decades. Taking all that into account, at present, Runit Island is one of the most toxic and dangerous sites in the world. If you appreciate your life…Never visit it.

6- Icaria Island

The Blessed Island in Which Everyone Wants to Live Among all the islands of this article, there is one that draws my attention: “Icaria Island”. It is said that on this island, people enjoy excellent health almost for life. Although experts say that this is thanks to several factors such as diet and exercise, some say that it is an island blessed by the gods.

The Icaria island became very popular in the last decade, after the story of a veteran of the second world cup was made public. It is said that in 1976, the veteran named Stamatis Moraitis was diagnosed with lung cancer and was given only nine months to live, at that time he lived in the United States, and seeing that he had little left to live decided to return to his Hometown… Exactly Icaria island!

It is said that a few days after returning to the island, his health improved greatly to the point that the discomfort of the disease disappeared completely. Not to make this story long, Stamatis did not live 270 days as the doctors had predicted, that is 9 months, But 14,600 days, that is 40 years more. Currently, the Icaria island is one of the few remaining blue areas in the world. So called because they are places where people live more than in large cities. This is interesting, is not it?

5- Pingelap Island, The Island of the Colorblind

Did you know that there is an island where a large part of its inhabitants see the world in black and white? The reason is that many of them have a genetic mutation that does not allow them to see the other colors, and that’s why now it’s known as the colorblind island. Do you want to know your story? Pingelap Island is part of the Federated States of Micronesia.

The last count says that there are currently 250 people living here. And to make a living they are almost exclusively dedicated to fishing. But what most attracts their attention is that a good percentage of the inhabitants of the island have a strange genetic mutation known as monochromatism. This mutation causes that they can only see in those two colors, black and white. Surely you wonder what the reason for this is, right?

It is said that all this is fault of a king who ruled the island 240 years ago. This king, whose name is not known, had this genetic problem, he only saw black and white, and he transmitted it to all his descendants. For that time there were only 20 people living on the island, and the few women who were at that time, became pregnant by the king. And that is the reason! At present, the offspring of that king can only see the world in black and white, and have turned the island into one of the most curious and strange places on our planet.

4- Falkland Islands

The Mined Island Where Penguins Live In the Malvinas Islands there is a small mined area with access forbidden to the public… For obvious reasons! What few people know is that precisely in this area lives a colony of penguins, but do not worry, to date not a single penguin has activated one of these mines. The story goes that during the so-called Atlantic War, which took place in 1982, hundreds of antipersonnel mines and other explosives were placed under the sand of York Bay, in the Malvinas Islands.

The years passed and nobody bothered to deactivate them, although they made sure to fence the area to avoid possible tragedies. The problem is that now that they want to deactivate them, the picture is very complicated. It is very likely that the explosives were moved by the conditions of the land where they were placed.

Knowing where each of these mines is located is an almost impossible task. So they have decided to leave it like this. With respect to penguins, do not worry, they will never activate them because they are not heavy enough. Considering that there are not many islands with a mined area where a colony of penguins lives, the Malvinas Islands are the strangest and most curious islands of our planet, don’t you think?

3- Yap Island

The Island Where It Used Stones As Coins A few years ago, the inhabitants of this island used a monetary system very different from any you’ve got seen before… Limestone in the form of donuts, which are officially known as “rai stones”. Being a unique monetary system in the world, the Yap island is one of the most curious islands known. Located in the western area of the Pacific Ocean, Yap Island is home to almost 7,000 people who live in very humble ways.

History says that the island was under the dominion of different countries throughout history. From the Portuguese, to more recent years the Japanese. It was not until 1990 that they finally achieved independence. But the most curious thing about this site is its monetary system, which basically consists of limestone discs with different sizes. The value of the currency, if it can be called currency, varies according to its size. For example, it is said that with a coin of 10 centimeters you can buy a pig, while with a coin of four meters, you can buy a whole town. It’s funny, right?

In recent years, the island has begun to use US dollars to make commercial deals outside its borders, it seems that the system they had had been a bit old-fashioned. Taking into account that not in all the islands you could buy a whole town with a stone, it seems to me that we are facing one of the strangest islands in the world.

2- Okinoshima Island

The Sacred Island That You Can not Visit To the south of Japan is a blessed island that can not be visited by any person. Access is only allowed for priests of a sanctuary near the island. Due to this prohibition and its difficult access, the Okinoshima island has become one of the most mysterious in the world. The exact location of the island, in case one day you want to enter illegally, is in the sea of Genkai. Right on the old trade route of Japan with Korea. For 600 years, the whole island is considered a shinto kami, or sacred site.

And it is because of this that access is only allowed to the priests of the Munakata Taisha Shrine, which is located in the vicinity of the island. Access to women has been totally banned for centuries. And although there is no precise explanation for this prohibition, it is said that in the past, trips to the island used to be very dangerous. To protect women from these dangers, it was decided to forbid them access altogether. Currently, Okinoshima Island is one of the few sacred islands that exist in the world.

1- Diavik Mine

The Island That Has a Huge Hole This island, located in Canada, is home to the open-pit diamond mine called Diavik. Access to this area is very complicated by weather conditions, and now the island has become one of the strangest in the world. The diamond mine began operations in 2003. Since then, it is estimated that about 80 million carats of diamonds are extracted and produced every year, which translates into about 9,000 million Canadian dollars per year.

What makes it different from the other diamond mines in the world is, first, its location, it’s in the middle of an island that is inside a lake, and second, its difficult access. There is no asphalt road that connects with this island. The only way is using ice roads that can break at any time. The good thing is that the truckers already know on which dates it is safe to transport the diamonds, and on what dates it is not possible, but accidents can not be ruled out. Taking all this into account, the location of the island and its strange appearance when you see it from above, Diavik’s diamond mine is one of the most curious and strange islands in the world.

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