10 Most Unusual Kids in the World

Adulting can sometimes get a little too hard that don’t you just wish you could turn back time and be a kid again without a worry in the world. But what was your childhood like? For these amazing kids, their childhood can’t be any farther from normal. Today we’re rounding up the 10 most Unusual Kids in the World.

Prepare to be amazed by the number one kid on our list, You will be blown away at what he can do. Let’s get started!

10. Isaiah Brid

Isaiah Bird

His surname couldn’t be more apt for this kid, because Isaiah’s surely flying high in the athletic world. Whether it’s American football, soccer, swimming, track or skateboarding, the 12-year-old athlete is an unstoppable force of nature, in spite of being born without legs.

But the one sport where Isaiah really, really shines? Wrestling. On the mat, where a resilient fighting spirit is a bigger advantage over having legs and feet, Isaiah looks and feels like a true gladiator. It’s no surprise that he’s one of the remarkable young athletes featured in a 2018 Nike campaign narrated by none other than Colin Kaepernick.

Even without his lower limbs, Isaiah sure stands out from the rest. If you think Isaiah’s amazingly unique, wait ‘til you meet our top pick! But our next child prodigy has her own tricks up her sleeves.

9. Elise Tan Roberts

Elise Tan Roberts

At just 2 years old, Elise became the youngest member of Mensa you know, the largest society of high IQ individuals in the world. Her IQ?, which is four points short of Albert Einstein’s IQ. Feeling dumb yet? Elise uttered her first word “dada” at five months old, and was already walking by eight months.

At 16 months, she can already count to 10 and by two year sold, she can already name the capitals of more than a hundred countries. Now a teenager, Elise is busy being building her career as a news presenter, model, actor and all-around TV personality.

This girl’s got beauty and brains indeed. But if she wants to become famous, perhaps she can take a page out of our next kid’s book.

8. Adalia Rose

10 Most UNUSUAL Kids in the World

Adalia Rose

At 13, Adalia Rose is not your average YouTube sensation. To date, she has already racked up almost 3 million subscribers and almost 200 million views on her YouTube channel, all thanks to her infectiously bubbly personality, despite suffering a serious medical condition since birth.

When she was only three months old, Adalia was diagnosed with Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome, a genetic condition that that accelerates ageing in children, and also causes dwarfism, hair loss and veins becoming more visible. But that didn’t stop Adalia from living her social media superstar fantasy, and sharing endless joy to her fans with her sassy make-up tutorials, singing, dancing and even gaming videos with her family.

According to her mom Natalia, while Adalia sees herself as different from other kids, she always sees the positive side of things like getting to have a different hair everyday with her wigs. She adds that she and her husband Ryan always try to treat Adalia like a normal 13-year old, and they wanna help spread the life-affirming inspiration their daughter brings to the world.

7. Bayzid Sikder

10 Most UNUSUAL Kids in the World

Bayzid Sikder

Just like any typical toddler, this 6-year-old kid from Bangladesh loves playing football, hanging out with his grandpa and feasting on his mom’s cooking. But his sagging skin and old man appearance make most people do a double take.
Bayzid’s father Lovelu has approached countless doctors, but none of them has so far identified the real score behind Bayzid’s condition, although some experts believe he has Progeria that could be causing his droopy skin, weak joints, and liver and kidney disfunction.

But despite their son’s mysterious illness, Bayzid’s mom Tripti is impressed with his level of intelligence, intuition and cleverness that’s beyond his years. It’s too bad then that Bayzid can’t go to school because a lot of children are afraid of him. But Bayzid remains unfazed by the curious stares, and continues to be the cheerful, playful and outgoing kid his small village loves him for.

In school, we were thought that two heads are better than one. But two heads literally joined as one is a different story altogether, as with the case of our next set of kids.

6. Neev and Nelly Kolestein

10 Most UNUSUAL Kids in the World

Neev and Nelly Kolestein

Now at 18 years old, the Kolestein twins have defied medical odds that predict twins conjoined at the head like them typically die at the age of 10. Separating the two hasn’t been possible because they share a major artery in the head, but it’s not like the twins wanted to be separated from each other anyway.

Despite their condition, the sisters each have their own distinct personalities, and have even started their own YouTube channel in the hopes of opening people’s eyes that they’re just like any normal teenager who have big hopes and dreams for their future.

5. AJ Stuntz

AJ Stuntz

While the rest of us were still eating dirt at the age of six, AJ Heinicke who goes by the stage name AJ Stuntz (that’s with a “z” y’all)–was already making other riders eat dirt at that age. By seven, he’s already doing wheelies and jumping over flames like nobody’s business. Talk about a real badass. According to his mother Nancy, when her son first stepped on his electric motorcycle at the age of three, she knew from that moment that AJ was born to ride.

AJ was eventually introduced to the world of stunt riding by professional stunt rider Jason Pullen, who saw his amazing potential and took him on as an apprentice at an early age. Under his tutelage, AJ was treated by Jason like a peer instead of a kid, molding him into the fast-and-furious young stuntman that he is today.

Have you ever seen anything so stunningly beautiful it leaves you breathless? Well, that’s exactly how we felt when we first laid our eyes on this next kid’s glorious head of hair.

4. Mia Alflalo Shunem

Mia Alflalo Shunem

The tantalizing toddler from Israel started to make waves on Instagram when she was five years old; posting photos of her sleek, stylish, perfectly coiffed hairstyles and quickly becoming the envy of girls both young and old. Even British Vogue took notice and featured the adorable kid on their website, which might just be the beginning of a modelling career as long and luxurious as her mane. From big hair to big eyes.

Prepare to be hypnotized by the next kid on our list.

3. Mehlani Dickerson

Mehlani Dickerson

At first glance, 3-year-old Mehlani Dickerson’s immense eyes look straight out of a Japanese anime, but they are both a boon and a bane for the adorable little lady. As beautiful as her eyes may seem, Mehlani suffers from Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome, a rare disorder that causes underdeveloped irises which is the colored part of our eye, thus making her eyes consist mostly of pupil.

Because of this, Mehlani is extra-sensitive to bright light, so she has to wear sunglasses outdoors most of the time. Her rare condition also resulted in glaucoma which typically affects people of older age, and she’s in serious danger of going blind. Mehlani is one of just 200,000 people in the whole world who has this rare disorder, but her mom Karina remains positive that her daughter will see brighter days ahead.

2. Lu Zhi-Hao

Lu Zhi-Hao

In 2011 when he was just four years old, Lu Zhi-Hao was named the world’s heaviest kid, tipping the scale at over 62 kilos which, by comparison, is five times what an average 4-year-old weighs. Though some doctors suspect that Zhi-Hao suffers from a hormonal imbalance, his parents mostly credit his enormous size to his unhealthy eating habits.

Zhi-Hao’s mom Chen Huan even says his son tends to throw a tantrum whenever he’s denied food. So, what is a parent to do but serve the three bowls of rice Zhi-Hao typically consumes per meal. However, doctors say if left unchecked, his extreme obesity may become a life-threatening problem for the chubby child by the age of 20. That’s indeed a good reminder to go back to the gym soon.

Who also happens to top our list of the most unusual kids in the world! Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, there’s this kid.

1. Giuliano Stroe

Giuliano Stroe

In 2009, at the age of five, this Romanian kid was already dubbed the strongest kid on the planet. He even has not one, but two Guinness Book of Records titles to show for it. He set the world records for hand-walking with a weight ball between his legs, and doing push-ups with his feet never touching the ground.

The apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree because Giuliano’s dad Iulian is a former gymnast and an equally disciplined strongman. At the age of two, little Giuliano was already lifting weights and made to undergo training, which didn’t really sit well with the local child services. But all is good now after a few court hearings, in case you’re wondering. Now at 15, Giuliano is more focused on boxing while his younger brother Claudio aspires to become a bodybuilder in the future. Seems like testosterone runs strong in the family.

And there you go, Our 10 Most unusual kids in the world. Which of them did you find the most amazing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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